P S Y C H O L O G Y  I N  T H E  C I T Y


I am a fully qualified Chartered Clinical Psychologist with HCPC accrediation offering psychological treatment in Central London.


I specialise in providing psychological therapy to adults and young people with eating disorders, weight difficulties, depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

psychology in the city

Individuals and families access treatment for a huge range of reasons and a common theme is that they feel that things are not working for them at the moment and are interested in how psychological support can help them to think, feel and behave in a more effective way. You do not need to have a diagnosis to access psychological treatment and many people who come to see me are feeling lost, confused and find it helpful to discuss their feelings in a safe, confidential space.


I have successfully supported people with a range of difficulties around mood, anxiety and eating difficulties, including adults, children and adolescents struggling with some of the following difficulties:-


Eating disorders - anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder

Obesity and weight difficulties

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder

Social anxiety

Post traumatic stress disorder

Generalised anxiety disorder




Bipolar disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder


Me at work in my studio